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Open Spanish provides effective methods of learning for all levels and ages. 

Our goal is to create an optimal learning environment allowing our students to learn and fully enjoy their experience. All of our instruction is private one-to-one lessons with tailor-made curriculum to meet the needs of each student. Teaching is balanced between the areas of writing, reading, and grammar, but we place special emphasis on developing conversation skills. Our focus is not only on learning Spanish from a text book but also on the real world experiences of our teachers. Topics include Bolivian history and culture, as well as current social and political issues. In addition to time spent in class, students have the opportunity to explore Sucre and its surroundings accompanied by their teacher.
Intensive Language Program
Our intensive language program provides 20 hours per week, (4 hours per day), of one-to-one instruction. Classes take place during our office hours of 9:00 AM to 7.00 PM. We can arrange group lessons with advance notice, but most students find that private instruction is the most effective method to learn the language. If you would like to arrange a different class schedule, we can almost always accommodate your needs (see below). 
Individualized Program
SB also offers students the opportunity to personally construct their own language study program. The same office hours apply but you can choose which days and times fit your personal schedule.
Some of the advantages of studying with Open Spanish Lesson include:
  • A professionally developed Spanish by highly experienced and motivated teachers.
  • One-to-one classes tailor-made to correspond to each student’s level.
  • Additional materials for learning and practicing Spanish pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Volunteering/ internship and cultural exchange opportunities through Open Spanish Lesson and other affiliate organizations.
  • Experienced travel advice.
  • A positive and socially engaging atmosphere.
  • Free wireless internet access.