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La Fabrica de Sombreros 

In ‘Sombreros Sucre’ you can take a tour of the factory during which you can see a wide variety of regional Bolivian hat styles and be taken through every step of the hat making process. It is also a great opportunity to talk to the factory workers and test your Spanish.


Parque Cretacico 

Cretaceous Park is one of the most unique attractions in Bolivia. Family-friendly visitors centre has an external exhibition of a few full scale models of dinosaurs, as well as an audiovisual display and a restaurant. From the terrace, you have a full view of the rock wall with the tracks of dinosaurs and you can use binoculars to view them in more details. You can also take a guided tour to get down to the rock where you will be able to examine the tracks more closely. The trip to the park can be a great way of spending your after class evening and practicing your Spanish.  


Volunteering in Sucre

If you are interested in volunteering in Sucre we can arrange a program for you where you will be helping out partially impaired children in a local school/hospital. You can choose your own hours and the amount of time you want to spend with kids is totally up to you. Some students choose to go for few hours after classes and some for two weeks. We do not charge for volunteering and all we ask for is your time and help in ensuring the children have wonderful time and memories. 

3D Movies 

We organize cinema outings where you can enjoy 3D movies in a private room (max 10 people) with the film of your choice. It’s a great way of meeting other students from the school and enjoying your time while challenging your Spanish. 

Guitar Sessions

Do you feel like playing guitar? From time to time we organize guitar sessions in our school where you can join and practice few chords. Of course everything in Spanish :).