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1 hour 
of classes
1 week
1 week 
2 weeks 
2 weeks 
 For Travellers 
 For Children  
 Private Classes
 (1 person)

6.5 USD

65 USD

130 USD

126 USD

252 USD 

 Semi Private Classes
 (2 people)

5.3 USD

53 USD

106 USD

102 USD

204 USD 

 Group Classes
 (3-4 people)


50 USD

100 USD

96 USD

192 USD 

 Spanish for Professionals 
 (1 person)


70 USD

140 USD

136 USD

271 USD

5 hours
per day
8 hours
per day
10 hours
per day
 One Day Program
 Spanish with activities 
 (1-5 people)
30 USD 45 USD 55 USD
 All prices are per person and in American Dollars. For currency converter please go to www.xe.com
Our regular program is 20 hours a week, 4 hours a day, Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday 
*Long-term and tailored-made programs available on request




You would love to gain cultural experience while challenging your Spanish but you don´t have much time – no worries. If you have one spare day or even just a few hours we have a couple of options available for you.

Read more about  One day Program 


Are you a complete beginner willing to start your Spanish adventure? Or maybe you have learnt Spanish for a couple of years and wish to continue learning with a balance of grammar and speaking or to improve it in a certain areas? Maybe you have a language exam coming soon? No matter what your stage is we are here to help you to achieve always a better level

Read more about  Standard Classes 


Facing a bit of difficulties with Spanish at work? Maybe you want to bring the language to the next level to progress your career or maybe you just need to extend your vocabulary in a specific professional field? We offer flexible classes tailored to your needs.

Read more about  Business Classes 


Willing to improve your Spanish fluency? There is no better way to practice your conversational skills than with Spanish native speakers in a beautiful Sucre.  Our teachers focus on proper pronunciation, grammar structures and extended vocabulary. And forget about boring classes - you will have fun with us.

Read more about  Conversation Classes 


Travelling around South America and struggling with Spanish? Typical situations faced by travelers can be easy and fun. We are here to help you to master your Spanish in a way that coping with bus reservations, ordering in a restaurant and doing shopping will not be a problem any more. 

Read more about  Spanish for Travellers 


Travelling with kids? We offer variety of engaging activities with Spanish for the little ones. Our teachers have experience with children of different ages and teach Spanish through language developing games and other motivating activities while parents can enjoy individual classes at the same time.

Read more about  Spanish for children  


Always dreamt about learning Spanish but you don´t have much time or there are limited options in your place? It´s time to consider our flexible classes on Skype. You can choose standard, conversational or business programs - all with Spanish native speakers who will make your experience enjoyable with just one click..

Read more about  Classes on Skype