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Spanish Lessons in Sucre, Open Spanish has gained a reputation for providing high-quality education in a friendly and supportive environment at an affordable price.
Idiomatic Tourism Programs we offer a linguistic immersion in Spanish language, at the same time our students are enjoying and discovering all our extraordinary culture, the bolivian gastronomy, the natural environment, the traditions and more

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New York has often been called “the Capital of the World” and our schools are located in four unique New York areas, each offering a different cultural atmosphere and experience. The city’s 24-hour bus and subway system, the lights of Times Square.

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Bch. Teaching Spanish as a Second Language & Bolivian Culture, San Francisco Xavier University, Bolivia
Spanish Teacher as a Second Language & Bolivian Culture, USFX, Bolivia
Teacher of Spanish as a Second Language & Guitar Teacher, USFX University, Bolivia
Bch. Teaching Spanish as a Second Language & Tourism, USFX, Bolivia

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